Sunday, February 9, 2020

Upcoming Projects

There are a few projects I'd like to tackle in the coming months.  They include:

Front Suspension 

There are a few things I'd like to do to refine the front suspension of the Mustang.  I have one inch of travel at the end of the upper control arm before it hits the bump stop.  I want to replace the coil spring and raise the car slightly.  

While the driver side coil spring is out, I need to replace the ball joint in the upper control arm as it has a tear in the boot.  Also, I need to replaced a tack weld on one of the hood support nuts as it spins freely when I try to tighten the bolt from the engine compartment.

While it probably sounds crazy, I'd like to replace my perfectly good front tires with a new set.  These seem just a little too narrow (225) and I'd like a bit more sidewall height (45 vs 40) as any little additional height will keep the tires from following grooves in the road as much.

Once this work is done, I'll probably just spray down the front suspension with some cleaner and a hose.  It has been many years now since the work was done to it all and it is looking rather dirty.

Windshield Leaks

I need to remove the existing windshield, clean all the old sealant out, check the condition of the metal, and then put the windshield back in with a new gasket.  Before doing this work, it would be smart to check the cowl to see if it leaks or if it is just the windshield.  If the cowl leaks, this project will grow in size exponentially.  

While I'm doing this work, I need to make sure that I have gaskets between the windshield arms and the firewall.  I want to make sure some of the leak was not coming from that area.  

This would be a good time to replace the wipers and potentially find a way to get the front windshield sprayers to work.

Master Cylinder & Steering Column
The master cylinder on the Mustang just continues to leak onto the steering column.  The master cylinder is all rusty and the steering column has all the paint stripped off from the brake fluid.

I want to replace the master cylinder with a Willwood model that seals. While I'm doing it, I want to pull the steering column and touch up the paint.  With the steering column out, I should replace the turn signal and horn switch.  

When this work is all done, I'd like to replace the turn signal harness in the steering column.  When I inspected the vehicle this last weekend, I learned the horn would honk when I turned the column hard to one side.  The turn signals also don't cancel as they should so a new turn signal switch would fix both problems.

Rear Suspension & Underbody Work
I've ordered a set of 4.5 standard height leaf springs from Grab-A-Track.  My hope was to install them to raise the back of the Mustang.  Along the way, I installed some Scott Drake extended shackles which raised the rear of the car 5.8".  The plan is to install the standard height springs with the original length shackle to see if it will raise the car about half an inch.

While the back of the Mustang is raised off the ground, I need to make a little clearance on the H-pipe for the new larger, aluminum driveshaft.  Additionally, I would like to mark the orientation of the mufflers and go ahead and weld them to the H-pipe section.  Additionally, I'd like to add flanges to the back of the mufflers and tail pipe sections so they are actually bolted together.  This will keep everything sealed and make it a little easier to remove when needed.  

Finally, while the driveshaft is out, I need to replace the seal on the back of the tail housing as it continues to leak.

Tail Lights
I still need to replace the tail light housings as I replaced everything but those.  I noticed that Scott Drake makes a new three bulb bracket that fits inside the stock housing (C7ZZ-STL-13400).  I'd like to install a set of these but with LED lights.

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