Friday, November 12, 2010

Temp Picture for Someone Else

I've been working to install a torque box on the passenger side of my Mustang.  There is one on the driver side but they did not start installing one on the passenger side until '68.  The box ties the front frame rail to the rocker panel and makes the subframe stiffer.  Paired with the new subframe connectors I should have a stiffer frame.

Some vendors sell the torque box welded together and some sell it in two pieces.  Mine was a two-piece box from Dynacorn.  If it were one piece, I would have had to cut the welds to separate it to get it into the vehicle.  It fits quite well and I'll just need to sand off the paint on the edges and get to welding.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

New Air Conditioning Vents

I recently placed the air conditioning vents which came with my Mustang on eBay. The vents were not original to the car as they came from a '68 with woodgrain trim. I did not want to keep the woodgrain trim so I listed the parts to gain money to purchase replacement air conditioning vents.

I sold the passenger side air conditioning vent for $45. The center vent only sold for $16.50. The driver side control piece was broken along the bottom. I tried to fix it but was not successful so I sold just the removable vent portion for $8.50.

I purchased a new set of air conditioning vents in a single auction for $150. It is a little pricy but all the parts were there and in very good condition. I figure this is $50 each which is a good price from what I've seen on eBay.