Friday, July 27, 2012

Not Gone.... Just on a Break

I've taken a break from working on the Mustang.  Unfortunately, I left a few loose ends on the blog.

I returned the high torque starter I purchased from DB Electrical.  The actual one I needed is one they had listed for a 1967+ automatic transmission.  Once the new one came in the mail, I was able to install it in no time.

I also purchased a billet Petronix II distributor.  I decided to go ahead and purchase a new distributor as the stock one was not very adjustable.  This new distributor can be easily set to any initial advance.  I installed it and set is to 20 degrees initial.  I tried a few different settings and left it as follows:
 900 - 20 degrees
1200 - 20 degrees
1500 - 28 degrees
2000 - 31 degrees
2500 - 36 degrees

The engine is still difficult to start when hot.  I expected the new starter would fix this as I thought it had to do with the new increased ingition timing.  I'm now considering other possibilities.

I've not put too many miles on the Mustang.  It is still in need of a little tuning.  I've purchased some jets as the cruise a/f is a little lean.  However, since it is drivable, I've been just leaving it alone and driving it when the temperatures are not too hot.