Monday, November 24, 2014

T5 Crossmember Purchase

I'm still slowly collecting the items needed to install my five speed transmission.

I've watched the Modern Driveline crossmember (Part# MD-6773M-CMT5) on the CJ Pony Parts website periodically hoping to find it on sale.  Despite 20% and 30% off sales, this particular part never seems to go on sale.  I decided to stop waiting an just buy it a few weeks back.  Unfortunately, I received a call a day later stating it was on backorder.

I ended up paying $148 for the crossmember which was more than I'd hoped.  I selected this particular crossmember as I need one which provides as much exhaust space as possible.  By looking at the others produced and the underside of my car, I did not see the point in trying one of the others as they were obviously too big to fix with my exhaust.  I'm hoping this one works without any issues.

Aside from the possible need to shorten the driveshaft, I think I have everything needed to swap in the five speed transmission now.  I'll just need to arrange for some time which is hard with hunting season nearing.