Monday, July 14, 2014

New Billett Specialties Wheels

Over the last few months, I've continued to search for a new set of wheels for the Mustang.  I initially started looking for late model rims which I could use with some spacers.  However, I decided against that direction as I don't want to cut corners and just end up wishing I'd done something different later.  This led me to an exhaustive search of the various aftermarket wheels available.

Many of the inexpensive wheels available through Summit or similar retailers just look cheap to me.  As I search through what is available, I don't find anything I like until I'm looking at wheels which are well over $200 a piece.  I did not expect to spend this much on wheels so I started saving and continued to look.

This past week, I settled on a set of wheels and had saved enough to purchase them.  The wheels I decided on where Billet Specialties Rival G's.  I decided to go with 17" x 8" wheels all the way around. The wheels arrived today and I'm rather excited about how they look!

I wanted to find a way to place 275 tires on the back but without custom ordering these wheels it would not be possible due to the backspacing.  I suppose the wheels are made in a one size fits all approach so as to limit the number of wheels each company produces.  There were a few which were 9" wide but I did not like the look of any of them.  I decided I'd go with these and then just determine what tire size would fit when they arrived.    

Now that I have the wheels, I'm going to mount them up without wheels and measure for the best tire size for front and back.  I'll then need to save up some money so I can buy those.