Saturday, August 16, 2014

BFGoodrich Sport Comp 2 Tires

I've looked at several different tire designs in the last couple of weeks looking for something which would be best for the Mustang.  I started focusing on tires which had the most grip which led to a few track oriented variations.  However, the tread designs just looked too modern for a classic muscle car.  In the end, I decided to go with BFGoodrich Sport Comp 2 tires as they provided good performance, a good appearance, and a reasonable price.

I took a unique approach with buying tires for the Mustang.  I started by buying just the front to tires and having them mounted.  I'd read so much conflicting information about how tires fit when mounted I did not feel I could trust anything I read.  I knew I wanted 225 45 tires for the front so buying these first would give me a guide for how other sizes would fit the rear of the Mustang.

I mounted these on the back and took some measurements of how much space I had on each side of the tire.  I estimated a 245 would fit easily but a might be able to go with a 255.  To be on the safe side, I ordered and had a set of 245 45 tires installed on the rear wheels two weeks later.

With all the tires mounted, I just had to pick up a few lug nuts this morning and I was ready to install the rims.  With them installed, I drove around for a while and then took this picture at the end of my driveway.  Its not the best picture but it shows how they look with the current stance.

As I drove around, I found the car is much more stable at highway speeds than before.  I thought the shake before was due to the poor aerodynamics of the vehicle.  Now it is as smooth as any of the other vehicles I've driven.  I hoped the back tires would hold the power of the engine but it is fairly easy to spin the tires when accelerating. 

The car still needs an alignment since I performed the Arning drop.  I've not done it yet but with the tires I really need to.  I've hesitated as the last time I had someone perform an alignment, they used vice grips on the adjustment sleeves and tore them up badly.  I'll need to purchase some new adjustment sleeves and then locate a good place so I can really test out the cornering ability with these new tires.