Sunday, May 8, 2011

No More Tests Fitting The Floorpan

Since this weekend was Mother's Day weekend, I did not have a great deal of time to work on the Mustang. However, I was able to finish off the painting during the week so I could put the floorpan in the Mustang.

It fits well considering it is a reproduction piece. There are some areas which need to be reshaped slightly. There are also areas which might require me taking out or adding in some metal so it fits properly.

I'm thinking over the next month I should be able to get all that done. By that time, I should have the floor completely welded, welds ground smooth, and welded areas painted black like the rest of the floor.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

More Floor Preparation Updates

This weekend I did a little work on the Mustang.

I finished drilling all the holes in the floor pan which I'll use to plug weld it into place. I used a sanding disc on my ginder to clean up the drill holes on each side. You will notice in the picture I did not drill out holes for one of the front frame rails. I marked this one when test fitting but started worrying a little about how it might line up so I'll wait.

On the areas which will overlap other panels, I painted the sanded spots so there would not be any bare metal trapped between two pieces of metal. I coated these with Eastwood's Rust Encapsulator.

I then lightly sanded and used mineral spirits on all the areas in the Mustang which will be overlapped by the floor pan. I painted all these areas with Extreme Chassis Black. This is the best paint I have and should help if water or anything makes it way between the overlapped pieces of metal.

I plan to put another coat of Extreme Chassis Black inside the car. I am suppose to wait 24 hours before I put on the second coat. I'll then put on some seam sealer in a few areas. I should be able to do this all during the week. Althought this coming weekend is Mother's Day, I can lay for the floor in the car.