Sunday, July 3, 2011

Driver Side Transmission Tunnel Welding

I expected the driver side of the tunnel to be a little easier to shape to match the underlying transmission crossmember... I was wrong.  I used the same hammer and dolley technique with some heat.  I tried to work it as slowly as possible but it was a little over 1/2" off along the lower edge of the tunnel.

I performed all the welds along the toe board and up the transmission tunnel.  I've not ground them down at this point.  I should go ahead and do it but I'm taking a break for now.  It is 100 degrees it feels like a suana welding out there in the garage. 

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Welding Tunnel Area of Floorboard

I worked on the Mustang for a few hours this morning.

Last weekend, I welded up the passenger side of the floorpan to the rocker panel. After welding, I ground down the welds and top coated with some red primer.

This weekend I wanted to work on the tunnel area of the floorpan. This section fits the worst of the entire floorpan. The floorpan does not match up to the contour of the transmission crossmember. As a result, I'd need to work the metal a little to get it to fit.

I started today by screwing through the holes in the driver side of the floorpan to attach it to the rocker panel. I then tacked the top, center of the floorpan tunnel in place. I used a blow torch to heat up the metal on the floor and used a hammer and dolley to stretch the metal to fit the crossmember contour.

When I started, the floorpan was about 1/4" - 1/2" from the crossmember. To stretch it, I heated the metal, placed the metalwork side of the dolley on the floor, and then hit the backside with a hammer. The contour of the dolley matched up with the crossmember which formed the floor just right.

I welded up the passenger side of the tunnell and toe board. I then welded the driver side of the floorpan to the rocker panel. I still need to work on the driver side portion of the tunnel and the toe board. I'm saving this portion of the job for another day.