Monday, March 31, 2014

Transmission Parts & Needing New Wheels

I've not vanished.... just been busy.

I purchased an adapter plate to install the T5 transmission to my original bellhousing.  My original plan was to use the bellhousing which came along with the T5 transmission.  As I calculated the pricing, I found it was going to cost roughly the same for the block plate ($29.99), Fulcrum Mount ($52.99), and T5 bellhousing boot ($28.80) as it would to just buy the adapter plate.  The adapter plate is shown below.

I also purchased a NOS 3 speed shift lever for a 1967 Mustang.  It is identical to the one currently in the Mustang except the chrome finish is much better.  T5 shift levers place the shifter too far forward.  My plan is to modify this 3 speed shifter to attach to the T5.  This will provide me with the same shifter location as I have now and a stock like appearance but with a short throw due to the shifter itself.

I've wanted to get new wheels for the Mustang for a while now so I can run a wider rear tire and tires with a lower aspect ratio for better cornering.  I decided two weeks ago I would list my current GT wheels I've had for five years on Craigslist.  I expected it would take a while for them to sell since I did not want to compromise on the price.... I was wrong.

Someone showed up to buy them today for $450.  This is the same price I paid for the wheels and tires five years ago.  I'm glad I was able to get the price I wanted for the wheels.  However, the Mustang is now on jack stands as I figure out what I'm going to purchase.