Sunday, June 26, 2011

Welding Abilities Improved Overnight!

I was reading a welding article last night in Hod Rod Magazine.  One section of the article discussed setting the polarity of your welder based on the wire used.  I immediately remember reading about the subject when I first purchased my welder and started welding without gas.  A few seconds later, I realized I've been welding with the wrong polarity.

Today, I setup the welder in the electrode positive configuration which is used with solid wire and gas.  I started welding on the floorboard with the new setting.  I can't believe how much better the welder works.  I get better penetration with much less to grind off. 

I've almost finished welding the passenger side of the floorboard to the rocker panel.  I need to stop for the day but now with the new settings have newfound motivation to finish the floor.

Leak Testing Cylinder Heads

I've not posted in a while.  I've not done much on the Mustang as it is over 100 here in Texas.  Even early in the morning and late at night it is fairly hot.  I'm thinking I'll just take some time off work soon and get the floor done.

Anyway.... I purchased a set of C90E 351 cylinder heads in Dallas a couple of months back.  I was in Dallas for the GoodGuys Spring Nationals and found the listing for the heads on CraigsList.  The guy wanted $100 for the set.

I offerred $80 and he took me up on the offer.  I'd really like a bigger cam in the Mustang which would require I switch to screwed in studs.  I could pay for this work on my existing 289 heads and the money would just be lost.  With the 351 heads, I can probably sell them later and recover a small portion of the money.  Plus, the 351 heads flow better than the 289 heads.

Today, I filled set the heads down with the combustion chamber facing up.  I then filled the combustion chamber with water to test the valve seats.  All the intake valves are sealed up fine.  Three of the exhaust seats leaked just a little. 

I've posted about it on the SBFTech forum to get a few opinions.  If a valve job is needed, I'll likely just sell the heads.  If I can lap them and make it work or if it is not too big of a deal, I'll keep them for use later.