Sunday, August 4, 2013

Little Progress Aside From New Shifter

I called CJ Pony Parts this past Wednesday morning as they had not sent me an email indicating my parts were shipped.  The person I spoke with stated the parts were arriving to them that day and would be shipped out to me the next day.  Several days have past since then and I have no email stating they have shipped and they have not billed me for the parts.

I did purchase a shifter for the transmission on eBay.  It is similar to a Pro 5.0 shifter but made by SR Performance.  I picked it up for $50 which is a decent price.  It arrived in the mail yesterday and looks almost new. 

I plan on removing the handle currently on the shifter.  I've not decided what I'll use for the handle or knob.  I've some time to think it over as I still need to save up some money for the block plate, crossmember, fulcrum mount, and to have the current driveshaft shortened.