Sunday, March 27, 2011

Driver Side Toe Board Installation Part 2

I started a little later today but still worked the majority of the day on the Mustang.

The toe board is now fully welded in. I grounded down all the welds, fixed any pinholes, and grinded some more. By 2 o'clock, I'd killed my first grinder and had to go by another one. I suppose I should not burn up the second one if I continue to get better at welding.

After all the weld seems were ground down, I put a small coat of body filler over the seams, and then sanded it all smooth. I put two coats of Rust Encapsulator on the panel. There was no rust but I've purchased several cans and have just been using it as insurance.

I'm very glad this panel is in. I've been procrastinating it for a while now. It seems like the longer I procrastinated the larger the job seemed to be. While it was not super easy, it was certainly something I was able to tackle in a weekend.

This is a picture from when I started removing the driver toe panel. It gives you an idea of the rust. I stripped the torque box, coated it with Rust Encapsulator, and the top coated with Eastwood's Extreme Chassis Black. I did the same with the frame rail which is covered by the toe board.

The following picture shows the toe board after I finished up the welding, filler, and paint.

The following picture shows both the replaced driver and passenger toe board. I still need to strip the firewall and the dash. I'll probably go ahead and strip the firewall before I replace the floorpan. It would be much easier to do it now rather than laying down on the floorboard once it is in.

I test fit the Dynacorn full floorpan yesterday before installing the driver toe board. The fit was excellent. I'm really looking forward to installing the floorboard but I have a little work left to do.

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6t5fastback said...

Great looking work. I am the same way about procrastination. The job seems to get harder the more I think about it.